Tadelakt is the oldest and most prized mortar in the world.  Originating in Morocco, Tadelakt is a lime-based product, and applied correctly, Tadelakt has water repellent properties and be tinted to just about any colour imaginable.  The optic beauty of Tadelakt is only surpassed through touch when you can deeply appreciate its unique finish.

As an ancient artform, Tadelakt is a decorative finish for the patient, artfully crafted applicator.  A balance of passion, precision timing and skill is required… a mantra Ariel Garcia lives by.

Tadelakt is conserved as one of the most difficult plasters to master correctly.

To Rub In – Application Process

Tadelakt, freely translated means ‘to rub in’.

The final coat of lime plaster is polished with a stone, rubbing olive soap into the surface.  The soap, which is based on pure saponified olive oil, adds to the shine, and with the added benefit of making the surface water repellent.

When watching a true Tadelakt Artisan immersed in their craft, you will see the Artisan rubbing the final finish to burnish with a stone, or a plastic trowel, balancing timing, and pressure.  The polishing stone will distribute the lime and olive soap, close the surface, and create the unrivalled patina and shine.

Connecting with the stone, surface and energy is created from this experience.  Tadelakt will continue to ‘bloom’ and changing its natural patina and harden over the months, years and even decades… making a natural living, breathing eco-friendly surface.

Versatile and Environmentally Friendly

Tadelakt has a beautiful, smooth appearance and is exceptionally tactile. Its versatility means that there are very few limitations in surfaces and shapes to be applied.  Tadelakt is also extremely low or no maintenance decorative finish. The product is formulated with natural materials making it eco-friendly creating a healthy environment for yourself… but also, if you must dispose of it, Tadelakt is biodegradable and recyclable.

Tadelakt handcrafted by Render Revolution

To obtain a beautiful effect, Tadelakt needs to be applied by an experienced artisan.

At Render Revolution, Ariel Garcia, can traditionally create your beautiful awe-inspiring masterpiece to enjoy for a lifetime. We offer the level of Tadelakt Brisbane home owners and builders deserve. Get in contact now to chat about your Tadelakt project.