Venetian Plaster is known for its extensive array of decorative finishes and colour, making it the ultimate surface design to customise any space.

Depth and Texture

Decorative finishes can have texture or be smooth, polished to a lustre or mirror-like glass. Venetian Plaster can be bold in colour, have the allure of pearlescent or metallic, or a less commanding neutral tone. It can be applied to emulate the look of natural stone, or even contemporary signature designs created by the artisan. The application of decorative waxes can add another level of colour complexity as well. The possibilities are endless.

Extensive availability of colour and finishes crafted by hand, make every surface an individual work of art with depth and texture.

Venetian Plaster House by Render Revolution

Venetian Plaster Fit-out by Render Revolution

Venetian Plaster Fireplace by Render Revolution

Flexible and Easy Maintenance

Venetian Plaster is suitable for surfaces such as walls and ceilings, and its flexibility allows it to cover archways and curved surfaces. The broad scope of decorative finishes works exceptionally well on feature walls and fireplace surrounds making a statement piece.

Venetian Plaster dries down to a hard, durable finish and offers a seamless grout-free, low-maintenance alternative to tiles or natural stone. As an all-natural material, it will not release harmful VOCs in the way that acrylic paints, glues, and sealers will. The added lime gives the plaster a high pH level and is a natural fungicide, which means it will not harbour mould.

Lime plasters are a beautiful artistic investment, developing an exquisite patina overtime. A final coat of wax will add another layer of protection, to repel markings and dirt. When re-applied every couple of years, wax will assist to maintain the Venetian Plasters beauty and protection for a lifetime. At times if the surface requires cleaning, it is recommended to use only water or a mild soap, as harsh cleansing agents can damage the surface.

Velveting Burnished with Polishing Stone Cropped by Render Revolution

Venetian Plaster handcrafted by Render Revolution

With its intriguing depth, sheen and tactility, Venetian Plaster exudes style, sophistication and timeless elegance. Celebrate the organic beauty of Venetian Plaster, and have Render Revolution transform your walls, ceilings and feature surfaces into handcrafted works of art.

Render Revolution offers the standard of Venetian Plaster Brisbane builders, architects and home owners rely on. Contact us now to discuss your project.